Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators-yhtyeen uusi kappale ”Driving Rain” kuunneltavissa Spotifyssa

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspiratorsin tulevalta kolmannelta albumilta ”Living The Dream” on julkaistu ensimmäinen single. Kappale joka kantaa nimeä ”Driving Rain” löytyy toistaiseksi vain Spotifysta. Slash kuvailee tulevaa levyä näin:

”It’s a natural progression from ’World On Fire’, for sure. I think it has a little more diversity — some of the ideas are not really what I would consider to be predictable. At the same time, the record is also a bit more structured, with songs that are shorter and more to the point than last time. Historically, the way we write is we’ll be on the road and I’ll have my guitar with me, coming up with ideas sitting in the hotel room or in the dressing room or even sometimes on the bus. When I have something, I’ll bring it to soundcheck and I’ll start jamming it out with Frank (kitara, taustalaulu) and Todd (basso, laulu) and Brent (rummut). Then Myles (laulaja) will start humming ideas into the recording apparatus on his telephone, and that’s how the nucleus of these songs will start.”

Myös Kennedy on kuvaillut tulevaa albumia:

I don’t know that there are as many of those sort of ’epic sonic journeys’ that we took on the last record. Although there are songs that take you on a trip, like ’Lost Inside The Girl’. But overall, a lot of these songs — things like ’My Antidote’, ’Read Between The Lines’, ’Slow Grind’ — they’re pretty precise statements, and they definitely fall in line with the type of sound we’re known for. There’s a certain type of sonic calling card that we’ve developed over the years, and you can hear it front and center on this record.”

Uusi albumi ”Living The Dream” julkaistaan 21. syyskuuta Slashin oman Snakepit Recordsin kautta ja tuottajana on toiminut aiemmilta levyiltä tuttu Michael ”Elvis” Baskette.