Slipknotin entinen rumpali Joey Jordison terveydestään: ”Olen 100%:ssa kunnossa ja valmis nousemaan keikkalavoille”

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 14.8.2018

Yhdysvaltalaisessa metallijätti Slipknotissa vuosina 1995-2013 soittanut rumpali Joey Jordison on saapumassa lokakuussa Suomeen uuden Sinsaenum-nimisen yhtyeensä kanssa. Jordison jättäytyi aikoinaan pois Slipknotista mystisen sairauksen seurauksena, mutta hän vakuuttaa tuoreessa Metal Wanille antamassaan haastattelussa olevansa tällä hetkellä 100%:ssa kunnossa keikkojen soittamisen suhteen. Voit lukea miehen tuoreen päivityksen omasta terveydentilastaan tästä:

”I’m completely, one hundred percent back, stronger than I’ve ever been. And I’m not just saying that — that sounds like a cheesy fucking line; I understand. But it took me a long time, man, to recover and get my strength back, because I got hit with something that… I mean, I never felt anything like this. We all know the flu, the common cold, all that type of stuff. This is nothing like that. I woke up one day and my back was completely on fire. Next thing, my legs were wobbly, next thing you know I collapsed — I lost my legs. It was the scariest fucking thing I’ve ever went through in my life. And I busted my ass, got the right trainers and I was not not gonna play drums again, because this is what I’m on earth for. And I have a great lady that supported me and killer trainers at Life Time gym and Absolute Performance Therapy here in Des Moines and Waukee.”

”Man, failure was not an option whatsoever. ’Cause I’m here to play music — that’s what I’ve been put on earth for. And I think, honestly, in a weird way, it was a life lesson more than anything. And I wouldn’t change it for anything. It sucked that it happened, but the fact that I beat it and came back from it — ’cause a lot of people, they just don’t… ’Cause I just was not gonna let this beat me. And being able to be healthy and being able to record these albums that you hear — with SINSAENUM and VIMIC as well — is just a testimony, ’cause I cannot let anything beat me when it comes to music. I have to play. So when you have the power of music within your soul and your heart, nothing can stop you.”

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