Smash Into Pieces julkaisi tuoreen ”Vanguard”-EP:nsä nimikkokappaleesta musiikkivideon

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 12.3.2022

Ruotsalainen elektorock-yhtye Smash Into Pieces on julkaissut perjantaina ilmestyneen ”Vanguard”-EP:n nimikkokappaleesta musiikkivideon.

Yhtye kuvailee biisiä:

”This song is by far the heaviest track we have put out there for quite some time! 

We are very proud to have had the opportunity of working with the amazing Taylor Larson who came up with the unique sound on this track. We also want to direct a special thanks to the man behind the music video: Pavel Trebukhin (director) who have done a great job making this story come to life!  

We hope you all Enjoys the song and video as much as we did writing and producing them!”