Sodom paljasti uuden kokoonpanonsa – kitaristi Frank Blackfire tekee paluun yhtyeeseen

Uutisoimme alkuvuodesta kuinka Sodom laittoi kokoonpanonsa uuteen uskoon. Nyt bändin nokkamies Tom Angelripper on paljastanut bändin uuden kokoonpanon. Yhtyeeseen tekee paluun 80-luvun lopulla bändissä vaikuttanut kitaristi Frank Blackfire (ex-, ). Bändiin on värvätty myös rumpali Husky (, ) sekä toinen kitaristi Yorck Segatz ().

Angelripper kommentoi kahden kitaristin valintaa näin:

“Two guitarists allow us much more possibilities live, so we will be able to play tracks in future that we weren’t able to perform as a trio.”

Hän jatkaa jäsenvalinnoista ja tulevasta albumista näin:

“It’s common knowledge that all three are exceptional instrumentalists and that heavy metal is their life. But Sodom is also about getting on a personal level. The new band members are all dyed-in-the-wool Sodom fans and all live in Essen. Need I say more?”

“We’ll start writing new material as soon as possible and plan to release a single with at least two brand-new numbers and a bonus track to give our fans a taste of our upcoming album. The direction of the new material already stands: ready for action and full of adrenaline, Sodom are set to celebrate the glorious days of the 1980s old school thrash that we all grew up with and that the band has always been celebrated for.”

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