Solstice vokalisti jätti yhtyeen

Englantilaisen doom metallia soittavan Solsticen vokalisti Paul Britton on päättänyt jättää yhtyeen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi kitaristi Rich Walkerin virallinen tiedote asiaan liittyen.

”After our first couple of shows, Paul Britton has decided that he will end his tenure as the vocalist for . We’re all very sad to lose him, and it’s not a reflection of the quality of Paul’s voice or his incredible ability as a frontman.

”As we get older, we all lose our hearing to a certain degree, and even more so for people like Paul and myself who have had decades of Marshall abuse, and it’s this that has caused the problem. Studio work with SOLSTICE is not a problem for him, but the live environment where things can be hit or miss in terms of quality of sound onstage is. Paul’s pitching had suffered on these first couple of gigs, and we felt we were all struggling.”

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