Sonata Arctican uusi albumi ilmestyi tänään: musiikkivideo ”Who Failed The Most” -kappaleesta katsottavissa

Kotimainen power metal -yhtye Sonata Arctica julkaisi tänään uusimman ”Talviyö”-nimisen albuminsa Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Bändin tuoreelta albumilta on nyt julkaistu virallinen video ”Who Failed The Most” -kappaleesta, ja voit katsoa Patric Ullaeusin ohjaaman videon tästä:

Yhtyeen kosketinsoittaja on kertonut videosta seuraavaa:

”The wait is finally over, now all of you will hear what we’ve been working on for the past year or so as we present our latest album »Talviyö.« It was quite an experience getting this album ready for you guys and for the first time ever, we had some outside help from our very own Mikko Tegelman who produced the album. We focused on playing live this time and I think the album really captures how SONATA ARCTICA sounds like today. It will be a blast to go out and perform this new music alongside selected cuts from our catalogue. See you soon and meanwhile we hope you enjoy the album as much as we did making it.

”It’s also time for the second video of »Talviyö.« ’Who Failed The Most’ is one of the more approachable songs on the album and we worked with Patric Ullaeus once again to create the video. We took advantage of the nice Finnish summer and shot our performance outside for a change, which turned out quite cool. You’ll probably hear this song throughout the »Talviyö World Tour« that’s starting right now in North America and from there we’ll continue to Europe and the rest of the world. Cheers!”

Voit kuunnella bändin tuoreen albumin kokonaisuudessaan tästä:

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