Speed metal -yhtye Warsenal sopimukseen Svart Recordsin kanssa: uusi albumi ulos marraskuussa

Kanadalainen speed metal -yhtye Warsenal on solminut sopimuksen suomalaisen Svart Recordsin kanssa ja julkaisee tulevan ”Feast Your Eyes” -nimisen albuminsa 15. marraskuuta kyseisen yhtiön kautta. Yhtyeen kitaristi-vokalisti Mathieu Rondeau kommentoi sopimusta ja tulevaa, kolmikon toista täyspitkää albumia seuraavasti:

We’re really excited to be signing with Finnish label Svart Records. They have a great international visibility and are very well respected among musicians and fans alike. This makes us very honored to be taking over the world of metal under their flag. I think that with Feast Your Eyes, we’ve really grasped what is the ’Warsenal sound’ and how we want to go from there. It’s still raw and filled to the brim with crazy riffs flying everywhere, but the production quality and the song structures have really taken on major improvement; call it maturity, I guess. The songs are all very different and unique, while keeping the Warsenal energy and the madness people dug on the first album. A lot of surprises and jaw-dropping is to be expected. It’s definitely not your typical, generic thrash or speed metal album.

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