Speedtrap lopettaa (2007-2017)

Kotimainen speed metal -yhtye Speedtrap on päättänyt lopettaa kymmenvuotiaan taipaleensa. Yhtye siirtyi viime tammikuussa tauolle laulaja Jori Sara-ahon jätettyä bändin taakseen, eikä ole sittemmin saanut täydennettyä kokoonpanoaan. Speedtrap julkaisi uransa aikana kaksi albumia, joista ”Powerdose” ilmestyi 2013 ja ”Straight Shooter” 2015. Yhtye tiedotti asiasta Facebookissa:

SPEEDTRAP 2007-2017

Hey everyone,

Within the past year a lot of people have been asking us to play shows, tours and festivals, but unfortunately, without a solid lineup, we haven’t been able to perform live. After discussing the future of the band we thought this might be a good time to call it quits and focus on something else from now on. Some of you might be shocked and some might have seen this coming, but either way, letting go of Speedtrap seemed like the smartest thing to do at this point.

Even with all the ups and downs we had a good run, and we’d like to thank everyone who ever booked a show, played or toured with us, gave us a place to stay, cooked for us, came to shows and had a good time, bought records and merch, or just supported and helped the band in any possible way. You guys definitely made it worth our while, and without the love and support this would’ve been a boring ride.

Rock or die.

– Speedtrap –