Sveitsiläistä heavy metalia: Burning Witches julkaisee uuden albuminsa toukokuussa

Sveitsiläinen heavy metal -yhtye on julkaisemassa uransa neljännen albuminsa nimeltä ”The Witch Of The North” toukokuun 28. päivä Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Yhtye kertoo tulevasta albumistaan seuraavaa:

”We are happy and proud to announce the new album already and show you the terrific cover art! We have grown together as a team and have evolved our sound to the next level, the WITCHES 2021 are heavier and more epic than ever! So is the cover: Claudio Bergamín’s amazing art is the perfect reflection of the record: icy, mystical, timeless and powerful! Please meet the THE WITCH OF THE NORTH and fall in love with our evolution!“

01. Winter’s Wrath
02. The Witch Of the North
03. Tainted Ritual
04. We Stand As One
05. Flight Of The Valkyries
06. The Circle Of Five
07. Lady Of The Woods
08. Thrall
09. Omen
10. Nine Worlds
11. For Eternity
12. Dragon’s Dream
13. Eternal Frost

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