Swallow the Sun julkaisee ”Moonflowers”-albuminsa 19. marraskuuta: Ensimmäinen video julkaistiin tänään

Kotimainen doom metallia ja death metallia musiikissaan yhdistelevä on asettanut seuraavan albuminsa nimeksi ”Moonflowers”. Yhtye tulee julkaisemaan seuraavan albuminsa marraskuun 19. päivä Century Median kautta.

Joidenkin albumiformaattien mukana tulee myös täysi bonusalbumi, joka sisältää erityisiä instrumentaaliversioita kaikista albumin kappaleista. Tämä instrumentaalialbumi on sävelletty jousille ja äänitetty Sipoon kirkossa. Jouset esitti suomalainen ”Trio NOX” -niminen ryhmä.

Tästä päivästä lähtien kaikki nämä instrumentaalikappaleet julkaistaan yksitellen ​​animoiduina videoina, jotka on luonut Dronicon Films. Yksi kerrallaan joka viikko, mikä johtaa pääalbumin ensimmäiseen singlejulkaisuun. Voit katsoa ensimmäisen videon tästä:

Juha Raivio kertoo yhtyeen tulevasta albumista seuraavaa:

“I know well that I should not say this, but I deeply hate this album. I hate where it takes me, how it makes me feel and what it stands for me personally. I wish it wouldn’t. But for all its honesty I got no option than also love it. That is all that matters to me with the music anyway and it doesn’t matter how it makes me feel, as long as it does. For me this album is like a mirror of a deep self-disappointment. Even I still want to believe that there is and could be more than this in me. But I don’t need or want to talk more about it. After all music means so different things to each one of us by how we have walked our own paths, and that is a beautiful thing about music. There is no right or wrong.

After I had finished writing all the music for this record in the fall of 2020 I started to write these small instrumental versions of the album songs for the violin, viola, cello and piano. Mostly because I was wondering how it would feel like to hear all these songs first as these intimate versions instead of a full band album. It was really beautiful to see and hear these songs come alive in this way and form, recorded live in this big church in Finland. To be able to hear the echoes of this music reflecting from the church walls and feel the very soul of these old wooden instruments played by real people in this sacred place. Something about hearing the strings breathe this fragile beauty into these songs that carry so much pain otherwise. Now looking back, maybe I wrote these versions just for myself to be able to hear and feel at least some kind of a beauty and solace in these songs, maybe…

I wanted to create the cover art of this album myself this time, so it would stand as brutally honest for me as the music is. So I painted the moon on the ‘Moonflowers‘ cover with my own blood and I decorated it with the flowers I picked up and dried on the spring of 2016. Maybe it isn’t the most outstanding looking piece of art ever made in this world, but for me it is everything. I wasn’t going to write any new music before I would have moved towards the right direction in my life, but finally all this music just forced itself out of me during the long nights of this hope crushing and neverending lockdown prison. Something grew out from that void eventually and writing these songs made me think a lot about moonflowers that bloom at the darkest hour of the night, so that name felt right to call the album also.

All my love to you, take care.

-Juha Raivio-“

1. Moonflowers Bloom In Misery
2. Enemy
3. Woven Into Sorrow
4. Keep Your Heart Safe From Me
5. All Hallows’ Grieve (Featuring Cammie Gilbert)
6. The Void
7. The Fight Of Your Life
8. This House Has No Home

Yhtye ilmoittaa myös samassa yhteydessä, että kosketinsoittaja Jaani Peuhu tulee jättäytymään ainakin tämän albumin ajaksi pois yhtyeen riveistä. Juha Raivio kertoo aiheesta seuraavaa:

“In other news, unfortunately our busy brother Jaani will step aside from the band at least for this new album cycle, but we are happy to tell that you can hear Jaani’s backing vocals on the new album anyway.”

Jaani Peuhu kommentoi lähtöään yhtyeestä seuraavasti:

”Sadly, Corona virus messed up everything including the release schedules of my bands. Both the Mercury Circle and Swallow The Sun albums are being released at the same time, making it impossible for me to tour with both bands. For this reason, I decided that it’d be better for me to solely focus on MC for this release cycle.

That being said, the upcoming Swallow The Sun album will be amazing, and I am so happy we could still do it together. I wish the best of luck to StS on their tour with it!

See you in the audience!



Swallow The Sun 2021:
Juha Raivio – kitara
Matti Honkonen – basso
Mikko Kotamäki – laulu
Juuso Raatikainen – rummut
Juho Räihä – kitara


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