System Of A Down -basistin uusi yhtye North Kingsley julkaisemassa musiikkia toukokuussa

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System Of A Downin
basisti Shavo Odadjian ilmoitti alkuvuodesta perustaneensa uuden North Kingsley -nimisen yhtyeen. Nyt basisti on paljastanut, että yhtyeellä on 12 kappaletta valmiina julkaisua varten, ja esimakua levystä ollaan kuulemassa 22. toukokuuta, kun yhtye julkaisee kolme kappaletta.

Mies kertoi asiasta System Of A Downin rumpali John Dolmayanin livestriimissä.

”It started a year and a half ago. It was with two guys I met at a friend’s studio. One of the guys, Saro, he was so great at the Logic and all the programming and stuff. I had him come over to my studio and teach me how to do Logic, how to run Logic, ’cause I was on Pro Tools for all my life. And as I’m learning, on one of the songs that we were practicing to make, we made a great track. And I was, like, ’Dude, this is really cool.’ So he sat and he did it real quick. And then I thought of something else, and we did another one real quick, and I [thought], ’We’ve got something here.’ So that was a year and a half ago — almost two years ago.

Originally, it was just gonna be me doing music, just instrumentals, and then having friends like Serj [Tankian, SYSTEM OF A DOWN] and Jonathan Davis [KORN] and some of my rapper friends, like B-Real [CYPRESS HILL], just do vocals on it and be like a ’best-of’ thing. And then when Ray came through, I was, like, ’Man, this guy’s got a lot of great words.’ And, ’Maybe we should do this for real — as a group, as a unit, and not just a project.’ So it developed, bro. It developed, and now it’s at a point where we have 12 songs ready to go.”

Materiaalin julkaisusta Odadjian kertoi seuraavaa:

 ”We were gonna drop it as a [full] record, but I decided I’m gonna market it differently and I’m gonna drop it as pieces of a record throughout the year. So three songs will come out on May 22nd — I set the date to the day [SYSTEM OF A DOWN’s] show [in Los Angeles] was gonna be. First three songs with three videos, and then we’ll do three more every three months — kind of like trilogies for a whole year. So we’ll release three songs every four months — something like that.”

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