Tarja Turunen julkaisi digitaalisen ”An Empty Dream” -EP:n sekä musiikkivideon nimikkokappaleesta

Tarja Turunen halusi ilahduttaa fanejaan julkaisemalla digitaalisen ”An Emptry Dream” -EP:n sekä musiikkivideon julkaisun nimikkokappaleesta.

Elokuvaohjaaja Mariano Cattaneo esitteli alkuperäisen ”An Empty Dream” -kappaleen Turuselle, joka muutti sen elokuvaversiosta omaan ääneensä sopivaksi. Musiikkivideo on kuvattu Buenos Airesissa samassa paikassa kuin ”Corazón Muerto” -elokuva, ja videolla esiintyy myös elokuvan päänäyttelijätär Ariadna Asturzzi.

Julkaistava digipaketti sisältää myös ”Undertaker” -kappaleen sekä  ”An Empty Dream” -kappaleen elokuvaversion. Lisäksi julkaisulta löytyy kaksi kappaletta, jotka Tarja Turunen on nauhoittanut Genelecin artisti huoneessa.

EP on tilattavissa iTunesin sekä Spotifyn kautta.
1. An Empty Dream
2. An Empty Dream (Movie Version)
3. Undertaker
4. House Of Wax (Live At Genelec Artist Room)
5. The Living End (Live At Genelec Artist Room)
6. An Empty Dream (Video)

Tarja Turunen kommentoi ” An Empty Dream” -kappaletta sekä EP:tä:

“The song ‘An Empty Dream’ was presented to me by the film director Mariano Cattaneo in Argentina. I gave it a listen, liked it and wished that I could work on it myself, in order to make it sound more like me. I rewrote the English lyrics after watching the movie and worked on the melodies. I also wrote the complete music for the middle 8 part. The movie version of this song is the vision of the composer and the movie director and the one you can find on my album is my vision of it. Just a bit different :)

We filmed a music video for the song in Buenos Aires at the same location where the movie itself was filmed. An old abandoned factory. Seriously a spooky looking and feeling space. I had the pleasure to work with the main actress of the movie, Ariadna Asturzzi, in the shootings and had a lot of fun with her and the rest of the film crew.

When I was thinking which song to add to this special single release from my latest album ‘The Shadow Self’, the song ‘Undertaker’ immediately came to my mind because it is a very score kind of song and I wrote it together with film composer Atli Örvarsson.

I had a big pleasure to visit Genelec’s Artist Room in Helsinki, Finland not so long ago. It was lovely to sing and record live and acoustically two very different kinds of songs, of which you can find the studio versions on my ‘The Brightest Void’ album. When I am singing these songs accompanied by acoustic instruments only, they become new to me and I really enjoy interpreting them all over again. It is interesting to see every time what is the outcome! I hope you enjoy these versions as much as I do.”

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