Terror Universalin uusi vokalisti selvillä

Terror Universal Plague 2015Hiljattain entiselle vokalistilleen Chad “Rott” Armstrongille kenkää antanut Terror Universal on julkistanut uudeksi vokalistikseen ”Plaguen”. Yhtye on julkaissut uuteen vokalistiin liittyen seuraavanlaisen tiedotteen yhtyeen viralliselle Facebook -sivustolle:

”First and foremost, we are very excited to welcome our new singer ”PLAGUE” to the TERROR UNIVERSAL family and introduce him to you all. He was actually on our short list of original candidates, to try out for Terror Universal back in October 2014. But at the time, other obligations prevented him from auditioning for the position.

After only 2 rehearsals, we are extremely impressed with Plague’s work ethic, and performance at the Texas Independence Fest, this past weekend in Austin, TX. We are pleased to announce, that we will immediately continue writing new Terror Universal music, and move forward with finishing a full length, to be released in the next few months.

We truly appreciate all your support TU Maniacs!”

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