Testamentin Alex Skoelnick vauhdissa Arch Enemyn Alissa White-Gluzin kanssa: kuuntele kaksikon tulkinta Queenin ikonisesta ”We Are The Champions” -kappaleesta

Yhdysvaltalaisen thrash metal -veteraanin Testamentin kitaristi Alex Skoelnick on julkaissut yhteistyössä Arch Enemyn laulajan Alissa White-Gluzin coverin Queenin ikonisesta ”We Are The Champions” -kappaleesta ja voit kuunnella upean lopputuloksen tästä:

Alex Skoelnick on kertonut kaksikon päätöksestä julkaista video faneilleen seuraavaa:

”Last spring, when lockdown ’challenges’ were all the rage, we’d been among more than a dozen musicians and singers answering [QUEEN guitarist] Brian May’s call in a wonderful, elaborate all-star video in tribute to first responders ([go] back to last spring to see the full version, with a different vocalist singing each line). For this we created a straight through ’jamming’ version, with her voice straight through and remixed by yours truly (not easy, but a fun challenge!).

”This is a special video posted on both of our Patreon accounts (thank you, patrons!) as a gift during the holidays. Now we are announcing it as it is available to view for all. Enjoy!”

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