Testamentin Chuck Billy: ”Kaipaan todella paljon livekeikkojen soittamista”

Yhdysvaltalainen thrash metal -veteraani Testament on joutunut muiden bändien tavoin pitämään taukoa keikkailusta koronaviruksesta johtuen. Yhtyeen laulaja Chuck Billy on antanut hiljattain That Jamieson Show:lle haastattelun, jossa on kertonut ikävöivänsä todella paljon livekeikkojen soittamista faneille. Chuck Billyltä on haastattelussa kysytty myös bändin mahdollisuudesta soittaa oma striimikeikka, mutta Chuck Billyn mukaan yhtyeen jäsenten asuminen eri puolilla Yhdysvaltoja tekee siitä hieman haastavaa. Chuck kertoi aiheesta seuraavaa:

”Our problem is Alex [Skolnick, guitar] is in New York, Gene [Hoglan, drums] is down south [in San Diego], so just getting together, first of all, is probably gonna be difficult. We wanna do something together — kind of like METALLICA did; you get together and you jam. I think that would just be, for us, not only soothing to our soul, getting together and playing music again, but just hanging out with each other instead of doing it through Zoom or something like that. So we have some plans to do that.

When the [latest TESTAMENT] record [’Titans Of Creation’] came out [in April], we just finished the European tour and had plans for America and everything, and everything just kind of shut down. And for a moment, we were asked if we wanna stall the record. There was so much going on, and we thought people need something new right now, something positive, so we decided let’s release the record; the campaign was going. And so, of course, we had plans that were all canceled, ’cause we had a full year and a half of touring in the books that now has been rescheduled, and now, as it looks, kind of moved a year later, which is cool. So agents are starting to build tours. I just heard NAMM [for 2021] is canceled, so I would imagine early [next] year, maybe some shows ain’t happening; I don’t know yet. But we’re working on it. And I really miss it. I can’t wait to get out there.”

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