Testamentin Chuck Billy: ”Koronavirus tulee hankaloittamaan keikkailua bändeille myös syksyllä, kun kaikki kiertävät yhtä aikaa”

Yhdysvaltalainen thrash metal -jyrä Testament julkaisi tänään uuden ”Titans Of Creation” -nimisen albuminsa Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Yhtyeen laulaja Chuck Billy on antanut hiljattain ”The Classic Metal Show” -ohjelmalle haastattelun, jossa on kertonut miten koronavirus tulee hänen mielestään vaikeuttamaan bändien keikkailua myös syksyllä. Chuck Billyn mukaan keikkailua tulee vaikeuttamaan se, että suurin osa yhtyeistä tulee lähtemään tien päälle samaan aikaan aiheuttaen haasteita keikkapaikkojen buukkauksien suhteen. Chuck kertoi aiheesta seuraavaa:

”We want to travel the world and go away from home and play different venues, and [the aftermath of the pandemic will] make it tougher, but there’s always gonna be somewhere, probably, to play,” he said (hear audio below). ”We’ve been fortunate in that a lot of the clubs and venues that we play are a lot of the same ones. So, maybe the sign of the times — who knows where it’s gonna go? — but maybe they’ll just start becoming back down to the more intimate shows, smaller shows, and be more intimate, just so bands could play and get out there and keep working. Because there’s gonna be a lot of traffic. There’s a lot of bands postponing and canceling that are looking to reschedule, so everybody’s agents are gonna be looking at all these venues and trying to book their acts there, so it’s gonna get pretty busy and pretty hectic for a minute once it starts back up.

Right now, we have a tour planned [for] September that we’ve had in motion, talking about it since last year. Now, we’ll continue trying to put that tour together, especially after America had to be postponed. And we’ll see what happens in Europe, to the European festivals; we don’t know the outcome yet. If that falls through, then America is the next thing in September in our books. So we’ll continue with our agents and continue to try to keep booking the tour and secure the dates and the venues and keep moving forward.”

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