The Black Dahlia Murder lanseerasi oman oluen

Yhdysvaltalainen death metal -yhtye The Black Dahlia Murder on vihdoin lanseerannut oman oluensa pennsylvanialaisen Weyerbacher -panimon kanssa. kantaa nimeä ”Warborn”, se on tyyliltään rukiinen Pale Ale ja vahvuudeltaan 5%. Olut on nimetty bändin viime vuoden lokakuussa ilmestyneen ”Nocturnal” -albumin kappaleen mukaan.

Bändin nokkamies Trevor Strnad kommentoi aihetta näin:

”We’re extremely excited to pair with Weyerbacher in the creation of Warborn Rye Pale Ale for our appearance at Decibel Metal and Beer Fest Los Angeles. Named after the closing track of our third album, ‘Nocturnal’, Warborn is sure to be a bona fide hit amongst even the most discerning metalhead palette in attendance. The nostalgic Bolt Thrower-esque artwork was originally commissioned by the band in 2009 for a limited run of Warborn-themed long sleeve shirts that were sold exclusively on a European festival tour, and has triumphantly returned here almost ten years later to grace each can of this exquisite craft beer of the same name. The original painting was expertly handled by one John Sibbick, who constructed the iconic futuristic war scene that adorned the first edition of Warhammer 40k and subsequently Bolt Thrower’s ‘Realm of Chaos’ album.

Painstakingly aged to delicious perfection on white oak and seasoned in death metal glory, Warborn will emerge victorious!”

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