The Ghost Inside soittaa ainoan Euroopan-keikkansa ensi kesänä Full Force -festivaalissa

The Ghost Inside -promo 2018

Yhdysvaltalainen, paluuta hiljalleen keikkalavoille pahan bussionnettomuuden jäljiltä tekevä hardcore-yhtye The Ghost Inside aikoo soittaa ensi kesän ainoan Euroopan-keikkansa Gräfenhainichenissa, Saksassa kesäkuun 26.-28. päivä järjestettävässä Full Force -festivaalissa. Yhtye on julkaissut aiheesta virallisen tiedotteen, ja voit lukea sen tästä:

“The first stop of 2020 that we can share with you will be Full Force Festival in Germany! This will be our only performance in mainland Europe for the year.

When we talked about what places were most important for us to try to get back to at least one more time, Germany was at the top of the list. Our fans there have welcomed us with open arms time after time and always made us feel at home, and Full Force especially marked some major milestones for TGI.

When they approached us to play their festival, they totally understood that The Ghost Inside isn’t just showing up to play songs but to share an incredible experience that is much bigger than just the music.

So we are beyond excited to team up with Full Force and we’ll see you next summer!”

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