The Haunted julkaisee uuden albuminsa elokuussa

The Haunted

Ruotsalainen thrash metal -yhtye The Haunted on julkaisemassa seuraavaa ”Strenght In Numbers” -nimistä albumiaan elokuun 25. päivä Century Media Recordsin toimesta. Albumi nauhoitettiin maaliskuussa Englannissa sijaitsevassa Parlour -nimisessä studiossa yhdessä tuottaja Russ Russellin (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) kanssa. Bändin kitaristi Ola Englund on kertonut aiheesta seuraavaa:

”Working on ’Strength In Numbers’ with Russ Russell as an engineer and producer has been an incredible experience. His attitude and positivity has helped us to truly do our best when recording. He’s just a killer guy to be around.”

”All the tracking for the album has been completed and Russ is right in the middle of mixing and mastering it. And from the early mixes I’ve heard, it’s shaping up to be insanely heavy. No clean singing, no banjo, no pickup trucks… so fans of country music are gonna hate it, haha! Seriously: Heads are gonna roll. In a good way…”

Lisäksi Englund on aiemmin kertonut uuden albumin olevan dynaamisempi edelliseen ”Exit Wounds” -levyyn verrattuna:

“After almost 2.5 years since the release of ‘Exit Wounds‘, we’re finally hitting the studio again. This time around we have chosen Russ Russell of Parlour Studios to record/mix the album, so we’re heading over to UK early march to start with the drums. And telling from the pre-productions, this will be a bit more of a dynamic album than ‘Exit Wounds‘, song-wise. I’m very excited to let the fans hear what we have in store. It’s brutality and beauty in perfect disharmony.”

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