The Haunted työstämään uutta albumia

Ruotsalainen The Haunted on ilmoittanut aloittavansa seuraavan levynsä työstämisen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

We are doing it, again.We’ve decided to start making a new album and we’re finally into workmode. The twins and Per are couped up in the rehearsal space, and me in my little cabin in the back yard of my house. Jensen has been comin down for a couple of weeks and him and the boys have been going through his batch of riffs.

What it’s gonna become we don’t know, like always. But right now we feel like the intention is to write a balls out metal album. You know 10 songs start to finish bonecrushed, neckbreakin fuckin metal. But being who we are means anything might happen. We got about six months before we hit the studio and more ideas for songs than any record so far.

It feels sweet to have this sense of band/gang/crew/family going again. Having gotten the opportunity to over and over again get up, get together and put music together knowing you people are out there. It’s not something you take for granted. When we all started out, that was never the case. It was always a battle against yourself, and facing new crowds, and I have to give us that; We’ve had some fucking guts over the years, sticking our heads out there in a shitstorm, and as people having had the integrity to do what we’ve felt the right thing to do.

For all you out there; Fucking thank you! I’m proud to be a member of this band, and one of the people who dig this music.

Peace yal!! / Pete

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