The Hauntedin päivitys studiosta

Ruotsalainen The Haunted on tällä hetkellä Tanskassa Antfarm studiolla tuottaja Tue Madsenin (Moonspell, Dark Tranquillity, Sick Of It All) kanssa nauhoittamassa tulevaa vielä nimeämätöntä albumiaan. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen vokalistin Peter Dolvingin virallinen päivitys studiosta.

”Recording vocals for this record really has been a trip. In the writing process, I really never ever stopped to think if I’d ever be able to reproduce and actually top the many ideas, tight harmonies and different vocal techniques and styles of singing. But with only a few songs left, I feel confident that I am actually pulling it off and making it work. Tue is a great part of it, of course. The patience it takes to intonate a certain passage, or achieve a sonic effect through tone modulation is pretty demanding.

”This last year I’ve focused more than ever on just how a song is more than just music and words, how [a] really well-crafted [song] gives something more to me as a listener. Both me and Anders [Björler, guitar] have felt strongly about really taking our time with building subtle layers of harmonies. Textures to give the listener a real audio soundscape within the song.

”I really hope to have more recording time on the next record because I’m understanding just how cool an instrument the human voice is.

”We have two and a half songs left, and after that we’re going back to see if there’s anything we feel we could add, or do better. All in all, so far I’m feeling that it’s really turning out awesome.”

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