The Intersphere julkaisi uuden ”Down” -singlen musiikkivideon kera

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 5.3.2023

Saksalainen, vaihtoehtoista rockia soittava The Intersphere julkaisi uuden ”Down” -singlen, joka on mukana bändin tulevalla ”Wanderer” -albumilla. Levy ilmestyy toukokuun 26. päivä.

Down” -kappale luo uskoa ihmiskuntaan ja muistuttaa, että voimme tehdä todellista positiivista muutosta. Laulaja Christoph Hessler kertoi:

“‘Down’ is inspired by Rutger Bregman’s book ‘Human Kind’ and deals with the negative image of man, which has been handed down for centuries by philosophers, religion and the media. Negative messages spread faster and catch more attention. Everyone should ask themselves why this is so. 
“Everyone should rethink this image of mankind, but also take a closer look at why these methods of influencing, keeping people down and sowing discord are anchored everywhere in our society. We should actively oppose them to recognize our very own role as an important piece of the puzzle. For me, humanity is not lost yet, we have the ability of thinking, reflection, and imagination. It is up our mindset to approach changes with positive energy.“