The Man-Eating Tree jäsenistössä muutoksia

The Man-Eating Tree 2013Kotimaisen metalliyhtye n kitaristi Antti Karhu sekä basisti Mikko Uusimaa ovat jättäneet yhtyeen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

”This Fall has been a harsh playground for emotions. As a result, there’s always some good things to come out of it, some less. We have started the writing process for new The Man-Eating material. We’re currently going through various new interesting ideas and making sure this new stuff will be something from the heart. Making new TMET-songs means full dedication and motivation.

”That being said, we are truly sad to see Antti Karhu (guitar and backing vocals) and Mikko Uusimaa (bass) leave The Man-Eating Tree. Unfortunately, with our plans as a band, it became impossible to match TMET with their personal life commitments elsewhere. Their decision to step aside is something we respect 100% and hope you respect too.

”They both played significant roles along the way and we´d like to thank them for all the good times and their contributions in making The Man-Eating Tree what it is today, We wish only the best for them both.

”Here’s the brand new video for the song ’Death Parade.’ The video was filmed during the Unioni-tour last Spring with Finntroll and Wolfheart. The song is from the latest The Man-Eating Tree album ’In The Absence Of Light.'”

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