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The Offering julkaisi ”Flower Children” -sinkun kuukauden päästä julkaistavalta kakkosalbumiltaan ”Seeing the Elephant”

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 11.10.2022

Metalliyhtye The Offering julkaisee marraskuun 4. päivä uuden albuminsa ”Seeing the Elephant” Century Media Recordsin kautta. Levyltä on nyt julkaistu single ”Flower Children”, jonka voit kuunnella tästä:


  1. WASP
  2. Ghost Mother
  3. Tipless
  4. Rose Fire
  5. Seeing the Elephant
  6. My Heroine
  7. Flower Children
  8. Tiny Disappointments
  9. With Consent
  10. Esther Weeps

”’Flower Children’ is a declaration of distrust and loathing for an entire generation of sociopathic narcissists. Art, literature, the economy, politics, and American cultural war issues – all resolved with the emergence to power of a new generation. Inspired by Bruce Cannon Gibney’s ’A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America’, ’Flower Children’ echoes his thesis – condemning the mentally defunct characteristics of an aging generation, and the irrationality of its longevity in power. Undeniably, the systemic operation of the country would be better off without their rusting grip. I hope this song offends their delicate sensibilities. And if it does…Good riddance!”