The Pretty Recklessin Taylor Momsen: ”Chris Cornellin kuolema iski minuun käsittämättömän kovaa”

Yhdysvaltalaisen rockyhtyeen, The Pretty Recklessin, laulaja-kitaristi Taylor Momsen avaa radiokanava Lazer 103.3:n tuoreessa haastattelussa Andy Hallille, kuinka Soundgardenin laulajan, Chris Cornellin, ja The Pretty Recklessin pitkäaikaisen tuottajan, Kato Khandwalan, kuolemat ovat vaikuttaneet muun muassa tulevan LP:n tekoon.

julkaisee myöhemmin tänä vuonna neljännen studio-albuminsa nimeltä ”Death By Rock And Roll”. Momsen kuvailee uutta albumia bändin uudelleensyntymäksi.

Kuuntele koko haastattelu alta:

 ”[Chris’s passing] hit me extraordinarily hard. Getting that tour, I’m such a massive  fan, that was the highest of the highs for all of us. And it obviously ended not ideally. I had to take a step back and we canceled touring. I wasn’t in a good place to be public, so I went home to kind of reflect on what had happened and try to process. And then I started writing again, and very soon after that, I got the call that Kato, my best friend and our producer, had passed on a motorcycle accident. And that was kind of a nail in the coffin for me at that moment in time. I sunk into this whole depression, and I wasn’t entirely sure how I was gonna get out of it, or if I was gonna get out of it. Not to get too heavy here, but the short of it is that music saved my life again. I delved into music, and that’s what really pulled me out of it. And this record is really the culmination of all of that. So it’s all there in the record.” – Taylor Momsen

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