The Word Aliven rivistössä muutoksia: yhtye julkaisi videon uudesta ”Wonderland” -kappaleestaan

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 24.10.2021

Yhdysvaltalainen metalcorea soittava The Word Alive on julkaissut YouTuben kautta videon uudesta ”Wonderland” -nimisestä kappaleestaan. Kappaleen videon on ohjannut yhtyeen laulaja Tyler “Telle” Smith ja voit katsoa lopputuloksen tästä:

Bändi tiedottaa videon julkaisun yhteydessä myös muutoksista yhtyeen rivistössä sillä bändin kitaristi Tony Pizzuti sekä rumpali Matt Horn ovat päättäneet jättää yhtyeen. Yhtye tulee soittamaan tulevat kiertueensa tuuraavien soittajien kanssa kunnes vakituiset uudet jäsenet on yhtyeeseen löydetty. Voit lukea bändin viestin tästä:

“For the last 18+ months we’ve dreamed of reuniting on stage to perform for you all. We’ve spent countless hours working on new music, live streams for you & connecting in ways we never envisioned while the world stopped. Through that time we’ve all grown & changed in many ways.

It is in that spirit that we announce a lineup change to The Word Alive. It’s bitter sweet because while we’ve loved every special memory we share w/ both Tony/Matt & couldn’t have made it this far without their dedication & passion for the band, to our message & the fans first & foremost, we must support their decision to pursue other opportunities life has presented them.

We have so much love for them as it is w/ any previous member of The Word Alive, our goal is to always push forward with love, gratitude and a brotherhood that has always extended beyond all else. We want to wish them the very best as they explore the next stages of their lives. Thanks Tony/Matt for the years of blood, sweat & tears you gave this band, we’re happy to cheer you on.

With that being said, after releasing an album just before a global pandemic hit, it became so clear to us that we had been forging a bond w/ you guys that superseded music itself. There was a sense of community we’d been trying to build for over a decade & we’re excited to continue that. With WONDERLAND we wanted to share another piece of art that the four of us crafted together, coupled w/ a music video we’d shot over a year ago!

For now, we hope you can enjoy the new song, video and hope to hear you singing it and some of your favorite The Word Alive songs this Fall/Winter starting with our hometown headlining show in Phoenix Arizona October 28th followed by supporting Starset. Tickets & info are now on sale at WEARETHEWORDALIVE.COM

Please welcome our friends @tylerwilliamross (Being As An Ocean) & @matmadiro (From Ashes To New) for stepping up for these shows to help us bring these songs to life for you!

WE are The Word Alive, every member, every past member, every single fan & supporter over the years. We’re just getting started.
With love & appreciation,
Telle, Zack, Tony & Matt =>”