Thrash metal -veteraani Testamentilta uusi albumi huhtikuussa

Testament - The Circus 20.3.2018
Testament – The Circus 20.3.2018

Yhdysvaltalainen thrash metal -veteraani Testament on saapumassa Suomeen helmikuussa yhdessä Death Angelin ja Exoduksen kanssa. Yhtyeen laulaja Chuck Billy on paljastanut tuoreessa Heavy New Yorkin haasttelussa, että bändi aikoo julkaista seuraavan vielä toistaiseksi nimeämättömän albuminsa 3. huhtikuuta Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Tulevasta albumista Chuck Billy kertoi seuraavaa:

”You’re always trying to top your last record, and I thought ’Brotherhood’, up to that point, was a pretty strong record. This one, it definitely stands on its own — all the songs have their own identity. Eric [Peterson, guitar] somehow came up with a way to make it be TESTAMENT but feel fresh and new still TESTAMENT, so that’s pretty awesome.”

”It was a quicker process than the last time, but I think at the end, the mix is awesome, the songs came out awesome, and the process wasn’t as painful as it was the last time. So, it’s a good record. I can’t wait for everybody to hear it.”

Asked if he waits for music for new TESTAMENT songs to be completed first before he starts working on lyrical ideas or if he has lyrics in mind before even hearing a note of music, Chuck said: ”I have some concepts before I hear music and apply ’em to what I feel when I feel the song. So usually, a lot of it, the riff is first — it’s a riff; it’s not even a song yet, so it’s usually just a riff. And then, from there, I just kind of feel it out and just kind of find my way through it.
”On this record, we didn’t get to work and do any demos, so a lot of it was a lot of riffs going into the studio with ideas and then fine-tuning it, which I think put the pressure on ourselves,” he explained. ”Sometimes when you’re under pressure, I think you work a little harder and you give it a little more. So I think, again, us forcing ourselves in the studio — ’Let’s go. We’re gonna record this record now’ — it paid off, ’cause the record came out great. Everybody’s performance — Steve [DiGiorgio, bass] and Gene [Hoglan, drums] just killed it on this record. It’s an awesome record. TESTAMENT fans, I think, are gonna dig it.”

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