Thricen uusi musiikkivideo ”Only Us” katsottavissa


Yhdysvaltalainen post-hardcorea sekä vaihtoehtorockia esittävä Thrice on julkaissut uuden musiikkivideon kappaleelleen ”Only Us”. Kyseinen kappale löytyy bändin tuoreelta ”Palms”-albumilta, joka julkaistiin aiemmin tänä vuonna.

Yhtye kertoo videosta:

“In creating the video for ‘Only Us,’ Thrice drew inspiration from a real-life story of a psychology experiment that took place in Middle Grove, NY in 1953.

With neither the campers nor their parents aware of the experiment, researchers posed as camp counselors, split a group of 11-year-old boys into two factions, and placed them in competition in hopes of proving their theory that the kids would soon turn against each other.

But despite their efforts to tear the campers apart (including interfering with the experiment by carrying out a series of “frustration exercises”), the kids ultimately stuck together and protected their friendships.”

Lisäksi bändin keulakuva Dustin Kensrue kommentoi itse kappaletta:

“‘Only Us‘ came from thinking about how we’re so easily divided into ‘us’ and ‘them,’ when really we have an inherent ability to care for those in our group, and the parameters for who falls into that group are extremely flexible.

It’s about how the things that we think separate us are actually inconsequential, and if we could broaden the idea of ‘us’ to include all people, it would help us to build a more loving and civil society.”


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