Thy Art Is Murder julkaisi rumpuvideon kappaleesta ”Atonement”

Deathcorejyrä on julkaissut verkkoon rumpuvideon kappaleestaan ”Atonement”. Biisi löytyy bändin tuoreimmalta pitkäsoitolta ”Human Target”, joka julkaistiin viime vuoden heinäkuussa Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Rumpali Jesse Beahler:

”From the first time I heard the demo, I knew ’Atonement’ was going to be one of my favorite tracks from the new record. I loved the dark vibes and the heavy breakdown that closes the song. The playthrough version we have recorded here has a bit more extreme double bass 16th notes to increase the intensity drum wise. Often I will have an idea in the studio while recording but, to better serve the song, vocals, or the riff, we will often change drum parts around. Recording a drum playthrough gave me an opportunity to redo some parts with the drums as the focus. I’m happy to present one of the most challenging and rewarding tracks I’ve ever worked on.”

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