Thy Art Is Murderilta rumpuvideo ”Eye For An Eye” -kappaleesta

on julkaissut rumpuvideon ”Eye For An Eye” -kappaleestaan. Yhtyeen rumpali Jesse Beahler kommentoi:

”’Eye for an Eye’ was the first song I heard from ’Human Target’ as it was the first one to be drafted in the writing process. I really liked the vibe of the track, it’s pretty moody with a good Thy Art kind of feel and was the most challenging song for me to record. Overall it’s a good example of how we’re trying to push ourselves instrumentally, while keeping the song writing at the forefront.

The hardest part to track was definitely the buildup to the last breakdown as the pattern is tricky to get the feel right. You can actually hear the floor tom distort because I was so pissed off during the tracking of that part. It’s also got the fastest double bass on the record, with 4 bar segments of 270bpm 16th notes in the verses.”

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