Tiamat jatkaa sittenkin, Johan Edlund takaisin remmissä

Tiamat 2015Huolimatta viime vuonna kuullusta uutisesta, että ruotsalaisen metalliyhtye in perustajajäsen, vokalisti/ kitaristi Johan Edlund olisi jättänyt yhtyeen, on mies nyt päivittänyt Tiamatin facebook-sivustolle hiukan parempia uutisia yhtyeen faneille. Edlund on mukana yhtyeen toiminnassa ja Tiamat työstää tällä hetkellä materiaalia seuraavalle albumilleen. voit lukea koko Edlundin antaman viestin tilanteestaan tästä:

Friends. Last year, in a moment of doubt, I said I would leave Tiamat. My father had just passed away and I took that for a reason to drink. Drinking was more important than mourning.
My heart stopped beating six times last year, and.. I’m not even happy to be alive. I’ve been through all the pits of Hell you don’t wanna know.
But what matters.. Is that through out of all this.. There are REAL friends, backing you up.
In a moment of doubt, I decided to leave the band. I had seizure and had just been hospitalized for delirium and stroke.
That was news to my good old friend Borivoj’s Blabbermouth, and the like, ofcourse.
Wish you, dear friends will help us spread the word that is Tiamat. Yes, we’re back & Yes, we’re working on a new album. That’s no news for gossip, that’s why I write it here. When we stand up, no one seems to care?
Now off to tattoo something. Anything I can afford. Or I do it myself.
Download our albums for free, but always feel welcome to come to our shows!
If you respect us, we will always be there for you!
Thank you so much!!!
Miss you all,

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