Tornadon coverointi Loudnessista kuunneltavissa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 8.1.2016

Tornado 2015Tampereelta tuleva thrash metal -yhtye Tornado on julkaissut Youtuben kautta coverin japanilaisen heavy metal -veteraanin Loudnessin klassikosta ”Dark Desire”. Kappaleella vierailee nykyään Amoralissa laulava Ari Koivunen ja voit kuunnella yhtyeen coverin tästä:

Yhtyeen vokalisti Joey Severance on kommentoinut kappaletta seuraavasti:

”Ladies and Gentlemen! Tornado are very proud to present to you our cover of the Loudness classic “Dark Desire” This song was recorded during the sessions for our latest album “Black President” but because I was not satisfied with my vocal performance, we didn’t put it on the album.

Musically speaking, the guys did a great job with the song and Minoru Niihara is a fantastic singer and there was no way I was going to tarnish his good name by being a scrub (not to mention, Akira Takasaki is my favorite guitarist of all time!) so I thought to myself, who is the best singer I know in Finland? Why Amoral’s Ari Koivunen of course! I got in touch with Ari to ask if he would be willing to do a “duet” with me on this and without hesitation he agreed!

I then took the trip to Helsinki and went Amoral guitarist Ben Varon’s Imperial Cassette Recording Facilities where he Produced and Recorded the vocals for us. (For those who might not know, or remember, Ben played leads on the Tornado debut album “Amsterdam, Hellsinki”)

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do, and if there are any Radio outlets out there interested in playing this, you can contact us directly and we will send you the WAV file! On behalf of Tornado, Enjoy!”

– Superstar Joey Severance