Toundralta toinen sinkkulohkaisu tulevalta albumilta

Vuonna 2007 alkunsa saanut instrumentaalirockia soittava Toundra on julkaissut singlensä ”II. Akt” verkkoon. Biisi on soundtrack-albumilta ”Das Cabinet Der Dr. Caligari”, joka julkaistaan helmikuun 28. päivä. Bändi kommentoi seuraavasti:

Das Cabinet des Dr.Caligari’ is a movie with a very strong visual energy. It’s a film that takes elements of the terror movies to speak about authoritarianism. About how ideas can be controlled and eventually lead a human individual to do the worst things. It was premiered in between-war period, and it represents an advice about the real danger of some ideologies that nowadays are getting a new life across Europe; ideologies based in intolerance. That’s why we like to see this film as historical document that invites to some conscious thinking rather than let ourselves go where intolerants want to take us.”

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