Toxic Holocaustilta virallinen päivitys liittyen tulevaan albumiin

toxic holocaust

Yhdysvaltalainen thrash metal -yhtye on julkaissut virallisen päivityksen liittyen tulevaan albumiinsa. Yhtyeen pääjäsenen Joel Grindin mukaan levy on 90%:sti valmis ja yhtyeellä on aikomuksena siirtyä helmikuussa studioon nauhoittamaan albumia. Voit lukea päivityksen tästä:

“New Toxic album is about 90% finished, still need to finish up some arrangements and some lyrics but it’s getting close. Once everything is dialed in I hope to start recording in February.

It’s shaping up to be a little more fist pumping and rock n roll than previous stuff but still kinda has that D-beat shit going on from the last record. No wimp out, still gonna be raw and gross.

Also, this will sort of be a return to the origins of the band in a way as it will be a solo effort like back in the old days. I get a lot of questions and requests about doing a solo record again (ala Evil Never Dies and Hell on Earth…hence the Yellowgoat record) so I thought it would be a cool change and something different than what most bands do. This doesn’t effect the lineup, they will still be playing live with the band.


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