Trap metal -yhtye Concrete Dream julkaisi uuden kappaleen ”Relationshit”

Itseään trap metaliksi kutsuva, modernia trap hip hopia metalliin yhdistelevä Concrete Dream on julkaissut uuden kappaleen ”Relationshit” musiikkivideon kera. Bändin keulakuva Jeremiah Mayhem kertoo kappaleesta:

“This song is about hiding your true self from the people you love. With your significant other, you live the lie because you’re either comfortable or may not want confrontation; which comes with being honest. And as we continue to live the lie, it turns into a ‘relationshit’, not a relationship.”

“All of our new songs are about struggle. It is about a cycle in most people’s lives – we love something, we lose it, mess it up, or it leaves us, then we feel pain, and then we find a way to escape the pain. Then we repeat, again and again. This negative to positive cycle drives us forward, and we’re inspired by both the good and the bad.”