Trees of Eternity -yhtyeestä tuttu ja Swallow The Sunin albumeillakin vieraillut laulaja Aleah kuollut

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 20.4.2016

AleahEtelä-Afrikasta alunperin kotoisin oleva naislaulaja Aleah on menehtynyt. Nainen on tullut vuosien saatossa tunnetuksi mm. Trees Of Eternity -nimisestä yhtyeestä sekä on laulanut myös kotimaisen melodista doom metalia soittavan Swallow The Sunin albumeilla. Swallow The Sunista tuttu kitaristi sekä Aleahin puoliso Juha Raivio on julkaissut Trees Of Eternityn Facebook-sivuille koskettavan viestin aiheesta ja voit lukea sen tästä:

My heart is broken and ripped apart beyond the words, but I try to write few lines here amongst the tears..

I lost the love of my life, my life companion for 7 years and also my musical companion and inspiration. Life finally took away everything. There is nothing I can write to describe this pain, but at the end it is my journey. But the reason why I write this is to tell what life can not take away from me, or anyone of us. That is Aleah’s music and lyrics that will live forever on. She was already a followed shining star amongst her fans, now she will be an icon.

I want you all to know that our Trees of Eternity album WILL be released as it has been ready to be released for awhile, and it has to be the most amazing album I ever heard. We both loved it from the first note till the end and Im so proud we had a chance to share a life and write this album together and so much other music too. I also been working on Aleah´s solo album for some time and will continue on that in some point. In a meanwhile please find her music and spread it around as much as you want, this cruel world needs this angel now more than ever. There will never be another voice like hers, or a songwriter like her. She was pure magic, light and dark.
And please respect my further silence. This is just a message to all the fans of Aleah and Trees of Eternity that there is still lot to come. At least it gives a small glimpse of light in this pressuring darkness around. Maybe I write bit more one day when Im not drowning in tears, maybe I wont. There is no words that can really describe the essence of this magical being that visited us, or any words for this huge loss that just crushed my heart and so many other hearts too.

Godspeed my love, you were too sensitive and beautiful for this world. But your music will live forever on. Thank you for everything, was an honour to be there until the last breath.