Triviumin entisen rumpalin uudelta bändiltä ensimmäinen maistiainen

Corrosion 2015Yhdysvaltalaisen metalli -yhtye Triviumin entinen rumpali Nick Augusto on liittynyt yhtyeeseen nimeltä Corrosion. Yhtye on saanut hiljattain valmiiksi uuden EP:nsä, joka tullaan julkaisemaan maaliskuun lopussa Mas-Kina Recordingsin kautta. Voit lukea Nick Auguston mietteitä sopimuksesta sekä kuunnella bändin uuden biisin nimeltä ”Machine Says No” tästä:

“It’s just four friends playing what makes us feel good and I really hope you all enjoy it. Really looking forward to making a full length and seeing everyone on tour soon. The idea for this project came together right after me and parted ways… All of us in were friends already so it just felt right to start it up. I was an Insense fan, so going for a long shot them being all the way in Norway and I wanted to play in a band with them. We talked through emails and made it happen. We just wrote three songs and felt like it was a good introduction and a full length will come eventually. What you hear on this EP is just what we felt at the time and that’s what came out and it felt pretty damn good and clicked right away.”

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