Triviumin Matt Heafy tarttui Princen, My Chemical Romancen sekä Iron Maidenin kappaleisiin ja julkaisi niistä oman versionsa

Kuvaaja: Sari Katainen

Yhdysvaltalaisen metalliyhtye Triviumin laulaja Matt Heafy otti jälleen tunnetut kappaleet käsittelyynsä ja julkaisi YouTube-kanavallaan versionsa PrincenWhen Doves Cry”- , My Chemical RomancenFamous Last Words”- sekä Iron MaideninFor The Greater Good Of God” -kappaleista.

My Chemical Romancen coveriaan Heafy kommentoi:

”MCR is one of my favorite bands on Earth, so to finally be able to cover this song was an absolute treat. Initially – we were asked by a magazine to cover something from The Black Parade, but for some reason they never used our cover!

So I decided it was time to get this cover out. This features Paolo Gregoletto on rhythm acoustic, myself on vocals”

Iron MaideninFor The Greater Good Of God”-kappaleen coverista muusikko kertoi:

”This is a cover of one of my favorite Maiden tunes ever. We did this cover for a tribute of Maiden, and I figured it’s time y’all get to enjoy it. This was Paolo on acoustic and bass, and I THINK Corey on melodies? Myself on vocals.”

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