Twisted Sister -laulaja Dee Snider paljastaa ”We’re Not Gonna Take It” -jättihitin melkein jääneen pois albumilta: ”Jouduin miltei anelemaan Tom Wermania ottamaan kappaleen levylle”

Yhdysvaltalaisesta rockyhtye Twisted Sisteristä tunnettu laulaja Dee Snider vieraili hiljattain Hatebreed-laulaja Jamey Jastan luotsaamassa ”The Jasta Show” -ohjelmassa, jossa Dee on paljastanut joutuneensa lähes anelemaan ”Stay Hungry” -albumin tuottanutta Tom Wermania nauhoittamaan albumille mukaan myöhemmin jättihitiksi muodostuneen ”We’re Not Gonna Take It” -kappaleen. Deen mukaan Tom ei olisi halunnut kappaletta aluksi albumille, mutta lopulta tuottaja saatiin suostuteltua. Dee kertoi ohjelmassa tuottaja Tom Wermanista hieman vähemmän mairittelevaan sävyyn mm. seuraavaa:

”A producer, and this is just a fact, is a very broad term. There are all kinds of producers, and I’ve worked with a number of them. Dieter Dierks, [who has worked with] SCORPIONS [and] ACCEPT, he’s literally hands on the board, he’s very technical guy. He’s barking out [instructions] — not barking; he’s a nice guy — but, ’Plug this into this.’ He knows all the technology and [he’s] very musical. Tom Werman, who produced ’Stay Hungry’, he produced [MÖTLEY] CRÜE, he produced [Ted] Nugent, he produced CHEAP TRICK, MOLLY HATCHET, POISON… He produced so many bands. He’s got, like, 15 platinum albums to his credit. He walked into the studio and he says, ’I don’t touch the board. I don’t write. I don’t create. I’ll just tell you if I like it or not.’ [And he was taking] eight points — eight freakin’ points, referring to producer royalties which are a percentage of revenues earned by the work.

Not only was he considered a producer, people were hiring him. And I’ve had a long-standing war with Tom Werman, ’cause I begged him to put ’We’re Not Gonna Take It’ on the album, and ’I Wanna Rock’. He didn’t want those two tracks on the record. I was on my knees in front of him… I wasn’t begging on my knees, but because he was sitting and there was noise going on… And he’s going, ’Eh, ’We’re Not Gonna Take It’, it’s a little [hums melody mockingly]’ I go, ’Trust me. It’s gonna be edgier when we do it. That’s the thing. It’s catchy.’ And his answer was, ’All right, if you really want it.’ Okay, that was ’We’re Not Gonna Take It’. And ’I Wanna Rock’, he goes, ’Eh, I’ve done that thing already with MOLLY HATCHET. [hums galloping rhythm]’ He was mocking my song. He actually presented me with SAXON songs to put on the ’Stay Hungry’ album from [SAXON’s] ’Strong Arm of The Law’. He goes, ’Check this out.’ I go, ’Yeah, it’s SAXON.’ He goes, ’It’s really good.’ I said, ’Yeah, it’s SAXON.’ He goes, ’Nobody really knows them.’ I said, ’We’ve toured with them. It’s SAXON.’ … He wanted us to cover SAXON songs. And I love SAXON, but in my community, it was current. It was their album that came out last. And he had this attitude, like, they were European, they weren’t really big.”

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