U.D.O. julkaisi karanteenissa kuvatun videon ”One Heart One Soul” -kappaleestaan

Saksalaisen heavy metal -legendan Udo Dirkschneiderin kipparoima on julkaissut YouTubessa videon ”One Heart One Soul” -kappaleestaan. Biisin video on kuvattu karanteenissa, ja voit katsoa lopputuloksen tästä:

Udo on kertonut videosta seuraavaa:

”All of us are very aware of the Crazy Shit going on in the USA, & the Demonstrations going on there & in many other Countries Worldwide. We as a Band & also as individuals stand against ANY form of Racism & Bigotry, regardless of whether it is due to the Colour of someone’s skin, their Nationality, their Ethnicity, or their Religion. So we want to say, with One Voice, THIS HAS TO STOP. We are all people living together on one small, fragile Planet, and it is time for ALL of us to treat each other equally & with respect. Black Lives Matter, ALL lives matter, & we dedicate this Video to the fight for equality. ONE HEART ONE SOUL, that is what the World Needs.”

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