Vailla tarkoitusta: Vanhelgan uusi musiikkivideo Kaaoszinen ensinäytössä

vanhelga-2016Ruotsalainen black metal -yhtye Vanhelga julkaisi ”Ode & Elegy” -nimisen neljännen studioalbuminsa lauantaina lokakuun 1. päivä Talheim Recordsin kautta. Yhtye on nyt julkaissut ”Utan Mening” -kappaleestaan musiikkivideon ja voit katsoa sen tästä:

Kappaleesta on kerrottu virallisessa tiedotteessa seuraavaa:

”Utan Mening” the song used in the video, is the opening track from ”Ode & Elegy, the band’s fourth full-length album, and it explores the endlessly repeating cycle of aridity that passes for life. The video is directed by J. Ejnarsson and features A. Rohtsalu in the role of a depressed young woman slipping further and further into darkness and despair from which she is unable to escape. Footage of the band is also included in the video.

Sweden’s VANHELGA, whose music falls between Black Metal and DSBM, and who use deceptively melodic pieces to create disturbing scenarios, describe ”Ode & Elegy” and being an album in two parts: ” Ode” or ”Old Diary Entries” is about the deteriorating mental state of a young woman, slipping further and further into depression and darkness. Her recorded voice is intertwined with the music. ”Elegy” is the continuation. It’s about looking back and reflecting on those dark situations in life: the hopelessness, drugs, abuse, depression and death. In summary, to understand and accept that life is without meaning”.


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