Dallas Taylor (Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster)

Vakavasta mönkijäonnettomuudesta selvinnyt Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster vokalisti julkaisi päivityksen

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 20.12.2016
Dallas Taylor (Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster)
Dallas Taylor (Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster)

Aiemmin tänä vuonna vakavaan mönkijäonnettomuuteen joutunut yhdysvaltalaisen Maylene And The Sons Of Disasterin vokalisti Dallas Taylor on julkaissut päivityksen tilastaan. Taylor kärsi mm. vakavista aivo- ja kaulavaltimovaurioista sekä mursi leukansa. Voit lukea hänen päivityksensä kokonaisuudessaan tästä:

”Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me through this time. It means more than you know. I will try to give a breakdown of what happened to me. On August 2nd I had a four wheeler accident. I broke every bone in my face. Cracked my skull. Have a brain injury and bleeding on my brain. My face came apart from my skull in two places. Have a fully blocked carotid artery. Broke my arm really bad have plates now. Ripped my left ear down to the canal. The other ear has blood behind it so I can’t hear well. Have blood on my lungs and lung atrophy from the ventilator and tracheotomy which causes my oxygen to be always low. Broke my upper and lower jaw had to have it wired shut. Had a trauma stroke so I can’t feel the right side of my face from that my teeth don’t come together because of the weak muscle. Can’t track left or right in my right eye and I can’t produce tears in my eyes. I can’t feel my eye either so I don’t know when to blink and from no tears my vision is extremely blurry. Lost vision in my left eye for good.

”In a nutshell that’s what happened, haha. But I’m alive they didn’t know if I was gonna make it even Dr’s or still be in the hospital at best. I’m so thankful to be alive. Thank you again to everyone who has supported me mentally, spiritually, and financially I can never thank you all for your love and generosity. Sorry for not responding to all the messages and texts due to my eye but they have blessed me greatly. I hope you all have the best Christmas, and know that God has made you all wonderful and beautiful. I love you all so much. God bless you!”