Vanna vokalisti jätti yhtyeen

Vanna vokalisti Chris Preece on jättänyt yhtyeen. Hänen tilalleen astuu vokalisti Davey Muise. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Preecen kommentit aiheesta.

”I just sat here for a few minutes trying to think of a clever way to open this statement, but realized it’s probably best to keep it as honest as possible. After this tour, I will no longer be in . I know this will come with a good amount of initial shock but if I can I’d like to preempt at least some of that shock by saying that the decision is based entirely on personal reasons and has absolutely nothing to do with drama of any sort. Needless to say, the hardest part of this process will be leaving a group of guys who I am proud to call my brothers and best friends. Everyone involved has been understanding and supportive far beyond my expectations.”The silver lining in all of this is that we have already found a replacement, Davey Muise, and there is no doubt that our fans and friends will approve enthusiastically. He has been a great friend of ours for a long time, and we couldn’t be happier. Davey will be with us for the remainder of the tour doing vocals on ’Trashmouth’ and meeting all of the Vannimals. I encourage everyone to come see it for yourself. You won’t be let down, I promise. As for me, I am moving home to Austin, TX to spend time with my family and pursue other interests. The last three and a half years have easily been the most exciting and fun years of my life and I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have been given. Thanks to everybody who has been there with me, I love all of you.”

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