Vesanialta uusi musiikkivideo

VesaniaPuolalainen death metal -yhtye Vesania on julkaissut Youtuben kautta musiikkivideon kappaleeseen nimeltä ”Notion” liittyen. Voit katsoa yhtyeen tuoreen videon sekä lukea kitaristi / vokalisti Orionin viestin videoon liittyen tästä:

“This video we made for ‘Notion‘ is not a typical music video clip. It’s more of a motion picture, and it’s over 6 minutes long, so get ready for lots of details. It’s a cinematic variation based on the idea behind the song.

It tells a story of a follower, a story of being fascinated and making things you dream of, real for yourself. Becoming what you once called an idol for yourself. And then, the perspective changes once you reach this new different point of view.

You realize you have more power than you can handle and at the same time, the art you create is just a way of fighting things you’re too weak to fight anywhere else. There’s a deceit in being the audience and the actor at once.”

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