Vital Remainssin epäonni jatkuu: viikatemies vienyt kolme bändin entistä laulajaa vuoden aikana

Yhdysvaltalaisen death metal -yhtye Vital Remainssin leirissä on viimeinen vuosi ollut melkoisen surullista aikaa. Bändissä vuonna 1997 laulanut Chris Ross murhattiin viime vuoden lopussa, vuosina 2008-2011 bändissä laulanut Scott Willey kuoli hiljattain tuntemattomasta syystä, ja tällä kertaa viikatemies on vienyt bändissä vuoden 1999 livekeikoilla laulaneen Jake Raymondin. Voit lukea yhtyeen kitaristin Tony Lazaron virallisen viestin aiheesta tästä:

“I found out late yesterday some very sad news that a old friend and singer passed away. His name was Jake Raymond, and he was a good friend! Some of you might remember Jake was VR’s vocalist back in 2001 before we recorded ’Dechristianize’ album. He really love the band and always held us in high regard.

Even though i hadn’t spoken or seen Jake in a few years i always hope things were going good for him. I remember the last time i saw him he came out to one of our local shows in Providence and we had fun catching up and talking about the good old days! We laughed alot that night and i remember he started helping me sell merch and asked if i needed any help?

You were always trying to help bro and i wish i could have helped you bro. Thank you for that and everything else you did for me!! I will always remember the good times we had brother! This is really so sad. I’m sick of losing so many friends this year. This makes three Vital Remains singers that passed in the last year.

Three brothers i will not forget! Thank you Jake for your friendship and all your help when i needed it! Thank you for all your work with the band!! I wish i could have been there for you more brother,but we kind of took different paths. I hope you are at peace now. Rest easy brother and until we meet again. My Deepest condolences to his family and friends. RIP Jake”

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