Volbeatilla jo paljon uutta materiaalia seuraavaa albumia varten

Volbeat-yhtyeen kitaristi Rob Caggiano on kertonut Belfast Metalin haastattelussa, että uutta materiaalia on tullut kirjoitettua jo varsin paljon ensi vuonna ilmestyvää studioalbumia varten, mutta studioon bändi ehtii kiertuekiireiltään vasta loppuvuodesta:

”We’ve been working, actually, on some ideas. We’ve been writing a bunch, actually. So, yeah, we’re planning on going into the studio at some point at the end of this year. There’s no real set formula or time frame, really. When you’re in a band and you’re doing this for as many years as we’ve been doing it, the cycles kind of reveal themselves, I think. We all know when it’s time to start working on stuff and thinking about the next album and all that stuff. So it all kind of just happens naturally. We don’t do much recording on the road, ’cause our days are pretty action-packed, between press and meet-and-greets and soundchecks and all sorts of stuff. It’s pretty hard to get stuff done in that regard. And then on the days off, everyone’s so exhausted, they just wanna chill out and nobody wants to set up a studio and start recording. But we definitely try to as much as possible when we have soundcheck, when we have time to do that. It’s hard on the festivals, because we don’t really get a full soundcheck. We don’t get a soundcheck really at all; usually it’s just the crew that does a line check. I guess it kind of just depends on the tour and all that stuff. But we don’t do any real recording on the road.”

Volbeatin edellinen ”Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie”-albumi julkaistiin vuonna 2016 ja singlet ”The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” sekä ”Black Rose” nousivat  Billboardin listaykköseksi kategoriassa Mainstream Rock Songs.