Vous Autres Season of Mistin talliin

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 20.3.2020

Ranskalainen, post black metalia soittava Vous Autres on solminut sopimuksen Season of Mist -konserniin kuuluvan Underground Activists -levymerkin kanssa. Duo julkaisee uudelleen yhtiön kautta viime vuonna julkaistun ”Champ Du Sang” -albuminsa, ja myöhemmin kuluvana vuonna on vielä odotettavissa uusi pitkäsoitto. Bändi kommentoi:

VOUS AUTRES is very proud to join the Season of Mist family. We feel honored to be accompanied by such a good label with so much history, and are very grateful that their great people believe in our music. This is a beautiful opportunity to share our music such to a vivid and broad audience thanks to the superb work and professionalism Season of Mist has shown for many years now. We grew up with their bands, we’ve been influenced by a lot of those who came before and pushed Extreme Music further and further, and we aim to give such matter through all of our future collaborations.”

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