Warship tauolle

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 31.12.2009

Entisistä From Autumn To Ashes jäsenistä Francis Markista ja Rob Lauritsenista koostuva Warship on ilmoittanut jäävänsä tauolle. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

“I’ve gotten a bunch of messages over the last few months with people asking if this is still a band and i apologize for leaving everyone guessing. I didn’t know how to respond because when I thought about it I’m not sure if you could call what we did a “band”.We did four tours and had four different bass players, three drummers and three guitar players. Rob and I went into the studio and recorded a full length having never played a show and we hoped to fill out the rest of the band after the fact but that never fell into place.

So many things kept working against us. Then some tours came up which Rob could not do and I stubbornly expected him to let all other things in his life fall by the wayside to try to keep Warship on track. Of course this was unreasonable and nearly ended our friendship altogether.

With 50% of the creative force of Warship no longer involved I tried to keep it going until summer 09, when I returned from an extremely challenging tour of Europe and my father was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. I spent a lot of time in New York after that with my family and didn’t think much about music for a little while.

I’ll try to keep this short because I know most are only interested in a yes or no answer as to whether or not Warship is still a band.

A band? No. We will probably never be an active touring band again.

Will we ever make music again? Who knows. I love recording. I would stay in the studio recording new things all year if someone would fund it. Never say never, but don’t hold your breath either. Whatever happens, Supply and Depend is something I’m glad we did and proud to have been a part of. At least you’ll have that forever.

peace in the new decade”