We Came As Romans julkaisi tiedotteen tulevaisuuteensa liittyen: aikoo jatkaa viisihenkisenä

Yhdysvaltalainen metalcorea soittava We Came As Romans on julkaissut virallisen videoviestin, jonka mukaan bändi aikoo jatkaa viisihenkisenä. Yhtye ei aio korvata hiljattain menehtynyttä toista laulajaansa Kyle Pavonea vaan aikoo ilmeisesti jakaa Pavonen osuudet livenä bändin jäsenten kesken. Voit katsoa yhtyeen laulajan Dave Stephensin virallisen videoviestin tästä:



Posted by We Came As Romans on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

”The last few weeks, Kyle’s family, his fans, his friends and the five of us have been experiencing a very wide range of emotions, and for us, it’s been the most difficult time of our lives. Through this, we’ve been trying to be very honest with each other and open about how we’re feeling and grieving.

”So, through all that, we’ve decided that the best course of action for the band is to do the BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE tour. We feel like this honors Kyle, and we can talk about his foundation, the Kyle Pavone Foundation, and carry on doing what he would’ve wanted us to do, and us be together on stage, playing music together with our fans.

”We will not be replacing Kyle. We will be continuing on, the five of us, and honoring his life for the next few weeks while we’re on tour.”