Whitesnake-kitaristi Joel Hoekstra: ”Olemme nauhoittaneet 18 kappaletta tulevaa albumia varten”

-yhtyeen kitaristi on antanut lisätietoja ensi vuonna ilmestyvästä uudesta studioalbumista ”Flesh & Bloodista” kertoessaan Juice FM -radiokanavan haastattelussa näin:

”I don’t know exactly which songs David Coverdale is going to use yet, because we recorded 18, so we’ll see exactly what gets released and what order, but there’s something there for everybody – all the classic Whitesnake elements are there. I think that there’s stuff on there that’s Purple-influenced, because I think Whitesnake has always had a Deep Purple influence. There’s some material that harkens back to the early days of Whitesnake, that’s bluesy based, and there’s some that sound a little bit more like what David refers to as the ’Geffen era’ – the ’Slide It In’, 87 album, ’Slip Of The Tongue’ sound. Then there’s some stuff that’s reminiscent of the most recent era, ’Good To Be Bad’ and ’Forevermore’. And there’s some stuff that’s what David even says is brand new, uncharted territory for Whitesnake. So we’ll see what he picks for the album. Hopefully there’ll be something there for everybody – I really think there will be.”

Yhtye on parhaillaan ”Juke Box Heroes Tour” -kiertueella yhdessä Foreignerin ja Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Eveningin kanssa.


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